A few more snaps from today at the project


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At the project with the kids


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we have had some internet troubles, so I Apologize for the delay!

Friday we went to the project along with the team from Asis and began our work project. One team did clean up at the project, and another team went down the street to do a “home makeover!” After lunch we really got going on the makeover, painting the house, landscaping, repairing a fence, picking trash, and repairing soffet on the front of the house. The house belongs to a family who has twin boys who participate at the project. 

Today, we returned to the project and walked the neighborhood to hand out flyers and invite children to attend. This afternoon we are returning to the project for the first events with the kids. 

Perhaps the best part of the trip so far has been the community of faith shared between us, the team from Assis, and the local believers here in Florestopolis. There is truly a bond of unity though God’s Spirit.

We have had rain last night and this morning, and it may continue this week. We will adjust! Please pray for us but most importantly for the children who need the hope of God’s love through Jesus.    



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On the Plane in Atlanta



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Snapshot of Some of Our Supplies

Here is a quick snap of some of the many supplies we will be taking with us to Florestópolis. Everything is almost ready to go. We thank God for the opportunity to go and serve Him and others. Keep us in your prayers!


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Brazil BBQ Send Off

Thanks to Jeff and Raquel Wilson and sons for serving our church with a Brazilian style BBQ as a send off for our Brazil team! Jeff did a great job manning the grill, Raquel treated us to some great Brazilian side dishes, and Joseph and Fernando did a great job serving! Muito Abrigado!

If this year’s trip is anything like the last several trips, our team will be well fed by amazing Brazilian hospitality!

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Brazil Mission Trip Team 2015

Hey All! Thanks for coming back for updates for our 2015 Brazil trip. Below is a picture of our 2015 team: Eddie, Matt, Beth, Cheri, Andrea, Daniel and Mike! Check back here through the course of the trip (July 8-18) for updates.


We cannot thank you enough for your prayers and support that have gotten us to this point thus far. God has provided for the cost of the trip through our own contributions, your contributions, our yard sale, PDQ card sales, and more.

All of our supplies have been donated or purchased, and we pack our supply bags tonight!

Will you take a minute and pray for our team, the trip/travel, and for the wonderful people of Florestópolis? The travel can be brutal and tiring, and a few of our team members are not huge fans of flying. Pray for safety, rest, and recover so we can hit the ground running in Florestópolis!

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